LG Electronics- VRF Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

LG Electronics VRF Systems  (LG VRF selection software is on our Links page)

1. Multi V Mini- Three models- 4 to 6HP

Multi V Mini Image

2. Multi V Plus – Heat Pump- Thirty-seven models- 8 to 80HP

3. Multi V Sync- Heat Recovery-Thirty-seven models- 8-80HP

4. Multi V Space- Internally Mounted Heat Pump- Two models- 6&8 HP

Space 2 Image

5. Multi V Water- Heat Pump- Six models- 10 to 60HP

Multi V Water 2 image

6. Multi V Water- Heat Recovery- Six models- 10 to 60HP

7. Indoor Units- 86 choices from 17 models

Multi V Space Image

VRF Indoor Units

Download VRF Sales document here:

LG VRF Multi V Part 1

LG VRF Multi V Part 1a

LG VRF Multi V lll Part 2