Why Wind?

Our dependence on high carbon fuels such as oil and gas is generating a host of challenges in the UK. As demand for oil increases, particularly from China and India, energy prices are increasing rapidly. As the British coal industry has shrunk and supplies of North Sea oil and gas go into decline we are becoming more dependent on other countries for fuel. This is particularly risky when looking at the Middle East for oil and Russia for gas.

Wind energy is one of the cleanest, safest and more cost effective forms of energy available. The fuel is free and will never run out, there is no pollution or waste products produced. Furthermore wind turbines are technologically the most advanced of all renewable energy options and can work to cut emissions now.

Friends of the Earth in Wales have calculated that present proposals for on-shore and off-shore wind farms could generate as much as 24% of Wales’ electricity demand.

If you look closer to home you will see that energy bills continue to increase as outlined earlier. Whilst large wind farms are capable of generating electricity to supply towns and cities, we aim to supply small and medium scale turbines directly to energy users.

BH Synergy see the benefit in allowing you the customer to generate your own electricity on-site. Owning a wind turbine of your own both substantially reduces your electricity bills and is supported by FiTS. The government backed Feed in Tariff Scheme which incentivises people to generate green energy.

These government backed incentives which are guaranteed for 20 years offer the financial stability to give you confidence and can ensure the whole project pays for itself in between 5-8 years.


Northern Power Systems

The Northern Power 60kW and 100kW wind turbine is a technological masterpiece with innovative gearless design and best-in-class reliability.

What this means for you is more energy and less maintenance.

Originally developed with a NASA grant and designed for remote and isolated sites such as the Antarctic. The Northern Power 100 puts reliability at a premium, in 2012 its mission was put to the test as more than 75 machines survive Hurricane Sandy. Only the year before had 3 machines survived Hurricane Irene.

Direct Drive

For larger turbines a gearbox can be the weak point of the machine. Needless to say as a piece of mechanical engineering operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in harsh conditions Northern Power were keen to irradicate the potential for failure which other machines are at risk of.