Air Conditioning Introduction.

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BH Synergy offer a very large range of Air Conditioning/ Heat Pump products from a selection of world leading manufactures. This allows us to offer the best fit for your project, whether that is a small or large split system, Multi-Split system, Chillers or a large VRF. (Links to products are at the bottom of this page. Please contact us for equipment not yet included on our web site or to request a brochure).

We have worked on hundreds of Air Conditioning, Heat Pump and Renewable Energy projects and offer assistance in making sure your system fully complies with manufacturers recommendations and government guidelines. (This will ensure all warranties are achieved).

Why LG?

LG Electronics is a world leading manufacturer of technologically advanced products based in Korea. The manufacturer is a major force in its home country and the Far Eastern markets but has yet to reach those levels in the Air Conditioning market in the UK.

Fuji Keizai, one of three major Japanese market research agencies, awarded a certificate to LG in recognition of being global top selling manufacturer of air conditioning for 7 consecutive years. Given the competitive nature of the Far Eastern market this is no mean feat.

JARN,a Japanese trade journal that’s respected the world over, featured an article entitled: ‘LGE, World’s first with 10 Million Units in Sales’ in its November 2004 edition. No small achievement for a South Korean manufacturer.

This status owes a great deal to the scope of the current product offering. They manufacture and market both residential and commercial systems, embracing single and multi-split technology and, increasingly, VRF technology. The portfolio is enhanced by equipment that fulfills ventilation requirements, meets the need for different levels of control and the demand for heating and cooling operations.

Whilst they hold 19.7% of the world market, they also place equal emphasis on other factors that contribute to them being a major presence in environmental control.

Factors behind being world No.1 for five consecutive years

  • Efficient use of international production facilities
  • Success of region-specific marketing strategies
  • Maintenance of quality and customer satisfaction
  • Adoption of the world’s best core technologies
  • Ownership of core parts business

Dynamic investment of resources and continuous development of R & D personnel

LG has been in the UK for some time but has yet to get full market penetration and overtake the less technical products that are being offered. The VRF product range is changing this perception gradually.

The product is on a par with the market leaders in terms of technology and in many areas it is ahead. The market leaders have a 15 year advantage!

Market Research has shown the product to be trouble free and reliable as indicated by the most critical judges of all…the people that actually install it!

LG have also got that most enviable of features, a recognizable name in the end user market. This in itself should assist in getting the product accepted more readily.

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