About us

“Give the client whatever product and service they need and deliver it when we say we are going to”!

BH Synergy Limited are product specialists and energy efficiency advisers to Owner/ Developers, Consultant Engineers, Architects, Mechanical Contractors and Local Authorities.

We are committed to assisting, selecting, advising and delivering a service from the concept stage through to commissioning and handover ensuring that clients get the most energy efficient system possible for their budgets. This involves the best systems for the project and the site conditions.

We follow the project through at order and installation stages to ensure that the relevant products are applied correctly and in the most efficient manner.

We are able to demonstrate to clients, savings on annual fuel bills and efficiency across each project life cycle. By working with clients at the concept stage we can indicate cost savings, ease the delivery supply chain and ensure a smooth handover.

We are able to offer the latest technologies and integrate them into new build or refurbishment projects and yet be innovative with the current technologies in the market.

We are in an exceptional position of being able to accurately forecast installation dates for all of our major projects. This is essential information for manufactures, allowing them to fine tune production lines and greatly reduce storage costs. We work closely with all manufacturers to ensure priority deliveries for our clients.

We are able to discuss in detail the benefits and allowances available relating to Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA761, 762, 771 &772), BREEM, CRC & EPC and enable the client to make the correct energy efficient choices.

We provide market leading products at every level in the UK market. These include:

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow systems,
  • Chilled Water Systems,
  • Air Handling Plant,
  • Data Centre Close Control,
  • Biomass Boiler plant up to 14mW,
  • Air and Ground Source Heat Pump Technology.


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